Pileus WiFi Camera Umbrella

Here's another wacky umbrella to add to the brolly count. By wacky, we mean Tokyo wacky. So it may be that only the Japanese would appreciate the Pileus WiFi Camera Umbrella which sports a built-in camera, GPS, digital compass, and possibly video-recording in a next iteration. Never mind that all that gadgetry could turn this brolly into an instant lightning rod.

And the Wi-Fi? If you're lucky not to get fried and manage to find a hotspot, you can upload your snaps to Flickr, then very coolly browse the photos on the inner flaps just by "a snap of your wrist". Though, not to be a wet blanket again, curious passers-by probably won't thank you for flicking more rain water on them with that action. Oh, and one more thing: Watch that rain puddle while you're busy showing off.
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