Energizer makes gaming play with Power and Play Charging Systems

Written on Tuesday, November 11, 2008 by emde

Energizer makes gaming play with Power and Play Charging Systems

Performance Design Products, which is simply known as PDP, recently licensed the Energizer brand to slap on its line of Power and Play Charging systems for the Sony PS3, Microsoft Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii. Indeed, the Energizer brand should give these chargers some added visibility in the marketplace, so we thought we'd give them a whirl.

While the PS3 and XBox 360 chargers look very similar, the PS3 version has some extra USB ports that allow you to charge up to four PS3 wireless controllers at one time. And the Wii Charger is a whole different beast.

Toshiba projector tells you what to do

Written on Tuesday, November 11, 2008 by emde

Toshiba projector tells you what to do

Personally, I like strong and silent types when it comes to gadgets, but if you're attracted to chatty electronics, you might want to listen up. Toshiba has introduced what is says is the first projector with voice guidance.

The TLP-X200U wireless projector delivers audible messages about the system, including the on/off status, lamp life, air filter checks, and cooling fan status. This is aimed at making the product easy to use and helping users take good care of their machines so they can (hopefully) avoid maintenance updates.

The projector features wireless network capabilities, closed captioning, 3LCD technology, and a multiscreen function that lets users network up to four TLP-X200U projectors to create one large image or present up to two different screen images at once from one computer source. It boasts brightness of 3,000 ANSI lumens and can project at a distance up to almost 12m. It has video ports for 15-pin VGA, HDMI, and S-video.

It's a compact product, weighing 1.9kg and measuring less than 76mm high. It comes with its own carrying case and can be stowed in a carry-on bag or airline overhead bin, where it hopefully will not be talking away while you're trying to take a nap.

The suggested retail price is US$1,739.

Eco Button puts your computer to zzz...

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Eco Button puts your computer to zzz...

This sounds like something you can already do by clicking the Start button on your Windows desktop and selecting the Standby or Hibernate options. But if you want to impress your Luddite pals, the Eco Button's the way to go. The thingamajig plugs into an available USB port on your PC. Jab the green glowing center and it automatically sends your computer into minimal power mode. Do it again and it brings the PC back on. You can even configure a password lock so your pesky neighbors won't "accidentally" access your computer.

What's more, this can help you save some money. According to online retailer Firebox, a normal user can save up to US$80 a year. That's about US$56 after you factor in the price of the device which costs US$24. Better yet, the Eco Button software has a tracker to help you keep watch on how much energy you've saved while AFK. That's away from keyboard, you noob.

Enjoy Video Clips of Football at Carlsberg Web-TV

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Unsecured Business Loans

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$8 Complete Prescription Eyeglasses + Case

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Willcom's D4 WSO16SH MID

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Willcom's D4 WSO16SH MID

Intel's all-in-one-wonder Atom processor has just been announced to power Willcom's next-generation of mobile Internet devices. The first unit, the D4 WSO16SH, was showcased during this weekend, and despite its miniature
size, the device manages to make no performance compromise.

Willcom's first mobile Internet device measures just 3.3 x 7.4 x 1 inches and weighs about 403 grams. However, it will hit the market with a 5-inch LCD TFT display, able to deliver maximum resolutions of 1,024x600. Although the screen resolution is much improved as compared to the current generation of UMPCs, it is still not enough to correctly display an average webpage, since sites are usually optimizing their content for 1,024 x 800 screen modes.

Another important aspect of the showcased device is the presence of a slide-out, 64-key QWERTY keyboard, that lets users comfortably input data. According to its technical sheet, the device will come equipped with a 2-megapixel camera, WiFi, and Bluetooth 2.0+EDR. The WSO16SH MID supports the company's Personal Handyphone System (PHS) data network and will come bundled with a Bluetooth-capable handset that lets users to place calls.

The heart of the new mobile Internet device is Intel's Z520 Atom processor, able to deliver clock speeds of 1.33GHz tops. The device also sports 1GB of RAM (PC2-4200), and a 40 GB hard-disk drive spinning at 4,200 RPM.

Despite its solid hardware configuration, the MID will be powered by Microsoft's Windows Vista SP1, and the first beta-testers have already started to complain that its performance is "unimpressive", as the system lacks the necessary resources.

Asustek also unveiled earlier this month its own Atom-based MID design, that comes with similar specifications, except for the fact that R50's processor will be clocked at 1.6 GHz, and will also come with a 32 GB solid-state drive.

Willcom's new MID is expected to hit the Japanese market at an estimative price tag of $1,272.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Gaming Console

Written on Friday, August 01, 2008 by emde

Microsoft Xbox 360 Gaming Console

The Xbox 360 has been the first next-generation console to hit the market, and this fact alone has really offered it a very serious edge over its competitors, from both available game titles and price points of view. But how about quality? Graphics? The gaming experience it offers? Or all the extra features? Well, you'll have to decide that for yourselves after reading the following article.


For quite a long time, Microsoft has been known mainly for developing the most widespread and popular operating system for PCs, Windows. However, during the 90's, the company from Redmond had grown so big that PC software didn't seem quite enough, and that's one of the reasons why Microsoft set its sights on the rapidly-growing market of video game consoles. Thus, in November 2001, the Xbox console emerged, in a frantic attempt to challenge Sony's fantastic PlayStation 2 console. The PC-turned-console didn't quite enjoy the level of success its creators hoped it would, but, nevertheless, it sold enough units and games to justify the development of a new and improved model.

Enter the Xbox 360, the latest video gaming console from Microsoft, a product that has taken the best out of its predecessor and improved it, setting a whole new standard in the world of non-PC gaming. Nevertheless, the Xbox 360 is far from being a flawless product, having certain...."negative features" (and I'm saying just "negative" in order to be polite) that have drawn quite a lot of critics from both specialists and normal gamers. Some of these issues have been solved in time, others are simply unsolvable, but, in any case, the worldwide success of Microsoft's 7th generation gaming console is unquestionable: it sold out completely at release (November 22, 2005) and by the end of 2006 had sold 10.4 million across the entire planet.

But why? Why all this fuss around the Xbox 360? What's so cool about it? And why is it that, whenever they speak about Microsoft's gaming console, they also mention the online service the company from Redmond provides for its users, namely Xbox Live? We'll try to provide you with some answers, and the first things we'll tell talk about are...

The Games

It's quite a well-known fact that a console is as good as the games developed for it. And the same can be said, at least to some extent, about the Xbox 360. The launch line-up has been OK, not quite impressive, but OK. The best-seller (at least for 2005) has been "Call of Duty 2", accompanied by some other pretty cool titles, as for example Kameo: Elements of Power, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Dead or Alive 4, Perfect Dark Zero, Saints Row and Gears of War. The latter is a huge success, being, at this moment, the most played game in multiplayer mode over Xbox Live.

Since its launch, the Xbox 360 has established itself as a "must have" platform among developers, and that's why most games currently launched on the market also have a version for Microsoft's console, either ported or especially developed for it. There are very few new titles which aren't also available on the Xbox 360, so they're not even worth mentioning. What's worth mentioning, though, is the backwards compatibility with older Xbox games, achieved by downloading an emulation profile from Xbox live and then burning it onto a CD. The current U.S. list of compatible games includes 298 games (about 30% of the total Xbox game library), but the situation in other areas (Japan and Europe) is much worse.

And speaking of Japan, one of the biggest problems faced by Microsoft was that in this country, as well as in the rest of Asia, gaming preferences are a bit different than in the rest of the world. That's why the company has a bunch of games aimed especially at this region, as for example Chromehounds, Ninety-Nine Nights, Phantasy Star Universe and the famous and highly successful Blue Dragon.

The future looks extremely bright for Xbox 360 gamers. They'll be able to enjoy some pretty great titles, the most important being Halo 3, as well as others, like Fable 2, Alan Wake, Mass Effect and Too Human. There, some Xbox 360 versions for traditionally PC games, like F.E.A.R. and Quake 4, will also be developed, and there will also be some exclusives, like Splinter Cell: Conviction, Bioshock and Banjo-Kazooie 3.

The Design and Aesthetic Features

The first thing I must mention here is that just about everyone, from gamers to technology analysts, agreed on the fact that the Xbox 360 looks a lot better than its predecessor from an aesthetic point of view. The original Xbox was big, black and bulky, while the new one, although it's still on the chubby side, is a lot sleeker and much more attractive, as you'll be able to see for yourselves as follows.

Overall design

The first thing that struck me when I took the console out of its box was its sheer size. Compared to the Wii and the PS2, the Xbox 360 is a dinosaur. It would crush both of them in one second. However, compared to both the original Xbox and the other 2 aforementioned consoles, the 360 is a lot more graceful, a lot curvier. The fact that Microsoft's engineers worked hard to grant this computing powerhouse a very pleasant and attractive exterior is actually quite visible in certain seemingly unimportant design details, as for example the chrome faceplate of the DVD unit, the clever positioning of the 2 ventilators or the placement of 2 USB ports on the front side of the console, hidden behind a small and white plastic panel (which, by the way, is pretty troublesome, since I barely managed to keep it open). Moreover, the controller is smaller and easier to use than that of its predecessor, and it also comes with some pretty cool features of which I'll talk about later on.

Another very important part of the Xbox system is the removable 20 GB HDD unit. It can be found on the side of the console (or on its top, depending on the position of choice), and features a very simple, yet effective release mechanism. By simply pushing a button, you can take out the unit, as you can see in one of our pictures, but putting it back is by no means easy. One has to be quite careful, as the plastic locking system isn’t that tough, and if you apply an excessive amount of force, you might end up breaking it.

What's really very, very disturbing about this console is the huge difference between the design of the console itself and that of some of its accessories. While the Xbox 360 and its controllers are all white and good looking, the 203W power supply is a monster. It's absolutely huge (measuring 21.6 cm x 7.62 cm x 5.08 cm), ugly, and looks like it could power even IBM's BlueGene supercomputer if given the opportunity. However, the fact that the power adapter is no longer built within the console did allow the development of the console's very attractive form factor, so Microsoft does have an excuse for this. Nevertheless, they don't have an excuse for the fact that the power cables and the TV cables look like taken out of a bad SF movie, since they're pretty thick and poorly finished.

Quality of the finishing

As mentioned before, the quality of the finishing is pretty neat, but only when speaking about the console itself and the controllers. When looking from a distance, the whole thing looks pretty neat, especially since the colors are quite well chosen, the contrast between the console's white body and the gray of the HDD unit being a pretty interesting one, with just the right touch of chrome from the HDD and the DVD unit's faceplate.

However, when one takes a closer look, the truth is a bit different. Yes, the plastic panels look nice, but they're made from a relatively cheap plastic. The whole faceplate is actually pretty cheap looking, and that's probably the reason why most gamers are changing them with other, more attractive ones. The power supply...well, I've told you before just how ugly it looks, and its finishing isn’t better either. Yes, it might do its job OK, but it's so damn ugly that you really should place it somewhere out of sight, just for the sake as aesthetics. Trust me, you don't want to have this huge brick anywhere near you.

Button and slot placement

There aren't too many buttons on the console itself. Quite obviously, the biggest and most important one is the power button, which can be found on the face of the console, where you simply can't miss it. The button is surrounded by several LEDs, which indicate whether the console is switched on or not, as well as the number of wireless controllers synched to it. And since we're talking about synchronizing the controllers, the button dedicated to this function can be found also on the face of the console, not very far from the power button and near the memory card slots.

These are just about all the buttons we can find on the Xbox 360, so let's move on to the various slots. On the front of the console we can find 2 memory card slots, as well as 2 USB ports hidden by the plastic panel I've mentioned before. That about wraps it up for the front side, so let's see what the Xbox 360 has to hide behind its back.

The console has only 4 slots on the backside, namely: 1 USB port, 1 Etherent port, the A/V output slot and the power slot. The fact that Microsoft fitted the Xbox 360 with just 3 USB ports has been a pretty bizarre decision, especially considering the large number of devices one can connect to the gaming console. Oh well, perhaps they thought it would be best to keep it simple, but, in my opinion, this is a bit of a design flaw for the 360.

The Controller

Xbox 360's controller is absolutely great. Not only is it wireless and has a very good force feedback system, but it also fits perfectly into one's hands, has a very sleek finish and feels great when you touch it. Moreover, its buttons and joysticks are placed at exactly the right distance from each other, so the whole thing is very ergonomic and very easy to use. And speaking of buttons, I can tell you right from the start that it's got enough of them to satisfy any game developer.

Thus, the engineers have kept the blue, red, yellow and green face buttons, as well as the thumbsticks and the D-pad from the original Xbox controller. However, there are also some important additions, as for example the 2 brand new vertical shoulder buttons, and a very important redesign of the controller's overall design. The big button "wearing" the Xbox 360 logo can be used for powering the console from a distance, as well as for displaying the controller's status (charge, whether it's the first, second or third controller etc). However, when the controller is used for the first time, a synchronization operation is required, carried out by pressing a small button on the controller's back, as well as the corresponding button on the console itself. There's also a special jack to connect the Xbox Live Headphone with built-in microphone, cleverly placed on the back of the controller, so it won't get in the way at all.

Hardware Specifications and Features

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

The Xbox 360 features a custom IBM PowerPC-based CPU (code-named Xenon) with 3 symmetrical cores running at 3.2 GHz each, 2 hardware threads per core and 3 VMX-128 vector units. One of the most important things that I have to mention here is that most of the games currently available on the market use only 1 thread, which means that they're far from tapping into the true potential of this console. I do believe that, at some point, mind-blowing multi-threading applications will be developed for the Xbox 360, but that time is yet to come.

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

The GPU is custom-made by ATI, runs at 500 MHz and includes 10 MB of embedded DRAM, as well as 48-way parallel floating-point dynamically-scheduled shader pipelines. It offers crisp and high-detailed graphics, being capable of supplying 48 billion shader operations, as well as 500 million triangles per second.


The greatest innovation in terms of memory the Xbox 360 has to offer is its unified memory architecture, which allows both the CPU and the GPU to "feed" of the system's 512 MB of GDDR3 RAM running at 700 MHz DDR, at bandwidths ranging from 22.4 GB/s for the memory interface bus to 21.6 GB/s for the front-side bus.


The system features a detachable and upgradeable 20 GB hard drive, as well as a (rather crappy) 12X dual-layer DVD-ROM and supports memory cards starting from 64 MB.

Video output

The Xbox 360 supports standard definition as well as high definition video output, at either 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p (as of the end of November, via its latest kernel firmware update). The video feed can be displayed in either normal or widescreen formats, depending on the user's choice.

Audio output

The console offers Dolby Digital 5.1 surround, with 48 KHz 16-bit audio, 320 independent decompression channels as well as 32-bit audio processing. Practically, if you've got a high-end home cinema system, you'll really feel like stepping inside the game you're playing.


Microsoft's gaming console features a built-in Ethernet port which allows the user to connect instantly to the Xbox Live service, as well as 3 USB 2.0 ports. Moreover, it is Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g) ready, and offers support for the Xbox Live Cam.

We tested the Xbox 360 and saw that is was Hot (in Celsius degrees)

We've managed to get a hold of Microsoft's console just a few days after our foray into the Nintendo Wii gaming system, so it was quite easy to make a comparison between the two. And I can tell you right from the start that it was like comparing a RC toy car with a Formula 1 beast. The Xbox 360 is a lot better from the point of view of raw computing power, it is capable of carrying out the functions of a Media Center (and actually acts as the extension of one), but there are some little things, little details that aren't just right, as you'll be able to see as follows. One of them is the famous overheating problem, and we've actually measured the temperature of the console to see just how much heat this thing can radiate.


We've tested our Xbox 360 (a normal, or Premium system) on both a Panasonic Viera plasma display and a Toshiba HD Ready LCD TV. Besides the fact that, obviously, the Toshiba TV was able to display the 1080i video feed and thus the quality of the images was a lot higher, I've noticed a very interesting thing during this stage. The component cable has a small control switch on it, which allows the user to select between high-definition and standard definition output, an element which I've found to be particularly useful.

So, after plugging in the aforementioned power adapter and all the other required cables, I've decided to move on to the next big step: pressing the power button and entering the magical world of the Xbox 360. However, before being able to fully test the system's capabilities, the console led me through a short setup process, that allowed me to establish some of the main settings (including the display-related ones) as well as to create a user account for future games and Xbox Live.


The Xbox 360 features a very interesting GUI (graphical user interface), also known as the Xbox 360 Dashboard. The GUI sports 4 tabs, better known as "blades", and launches automatically when booting up the console without a disc. However, you can (and I strongly recommend this) set it up so that it will open automatically, regardless of whether a game disc is inserted in the console or not. Moreover, the navigation system is extremely easy, using one of the controller's "thumbsticks" (or the D-pad), as well as several of its buttons.

Each tab, or "blade", can be used in order to control a portion of the console's capabilities. The first one is also considered the most important, as "Xbox Live" allows the users to connect to Microsoft's online service and carry out various actions (communicate with friends, read messages, buy games or download various types of content via the Xbox Marketplace etc.). Then we've got the "Games" tab, which lists the user's scores for various games and also allows him/her to join online games, play downloaded demos or watch various game-related videos.
The next blade, dubbed "Media", allows the user to control the "Media Center" functions of the Xbox 360. Here we can find media players for playing either music or video clips, a picture viewer and also the Media Center option, which allows the user to extend the console's functionality way beyond that of a simple gaming device.

The last tab is the one dedicated to all the system's settings, called simply "System". It allows the users to control almost every aspect of their console's functionality, from the type of video output to the establishment of a form of parental control over the content. Here, you can see just how much free memory you've got left and delete various files, control the video and sound settings, set up the network, and a lot more.

Gameplay – nothing that we haven't seen before

I've fooled around with 2 different games: a demo for "Project Gotham Racing" which was pre-loaded onto the HDD, and the already famous "Gears of War". And I'm sorry to say that, even if the Xbox 360 is a true next-gen when it comes to graphics power, the gaming experience is not that different from the one you'd get while playing on an original Xbox or a PS2. Sure, the controller behaves extremely well and fits perfectly in the user's hand, while sporting a very strong force feedback system, but the way the games are played is not that different from what we've already seen in past consoles. Yes, the quality of the images is absolutely breathtaking (for example, you can even see the dirt on the car's windshield in "Project Gotham Racing" or the rocks falling on the ground after shooting a column in "Gears of War), the physics engine creates very realistic effects, but it's nothing out of the ordinary, nothing that we haven't seen before.

And I guess that this is the main problem of the Xbox 360. While taking video quality and hardware power to the max, it has done little to improve the quality of the gaming experience, of the gameplay itself. This hasn't been a problem so far, since there were no terms of comparison, but this situation might change in the near future, due to the motion sensitive Wiimote and Sixaxis controllers which accompany the console's direct next-gen competitors, the Wii and PlayStation 3.

Media playback

As I've mentioned over and over again up until now, Microsoft's Xbox 360 gaming console doubles as a pretty powerful Media Center. It is capable of playing music either from a CD/DVD or from a flash drive stuck into one of its 3 ports, and the same goes for video clips. The optic unit is compatible with a wide range of formats, as for example DVD-Video, DVD-ROM, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, CD-DA, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, WMA CD, MP3 CD, JPEG Photo CD, and, as mentioned before, includes specialized music and movie player software. Moreover, it can be used for viewing all your favorite photos, including those on a digital camera connected to it via USB.

The simplest way of testing all these multimedia functions is to playback all the pre-loaded content. There are all sorts of game-related movies on the HDD, which occupy, together with the aforementioned "Projact Gotham Racing" demo, around 3 GB of the disk drive's 20 GB capacity.

Another very interesting fact about the Xbox 360 is that it can be used for streaming media to/from Windows XP PCs via a specialized software, called Media Center Extender. This function allows it to behave exactly like a media recorder, though this function is kind of pointless, due to the small size of the console's HDD unit.

Overheating issue and our temperature test

One of the most serious problems the Xbox 360 has experienced right from the start is that of overheating. The console generates quite a lot of heat, despite the fact that it sports 2 ventilator fans, and that has brought about all sorts of problems for the units from the initial shipments. Even if that problem has been more or less solved since then, the console still generates way too much heat for its own good, and that's why we've decided to see just how hot the Xbox 360 can get. Here is what we found out:

Initial temperature of the console (not powered on): 27 degrees Celsius;

Temperature of the console after 30 minutes: 48 degrees Celsius;

Temperature of the console after 1 hour: 52 degrees Celsius.

Although I've played "Gears of War" for around 2 hours, the temperature hasn't changed much, so I've decided to leave the console alone and measured the temperature of the "brick" power adapter. Much to my surprise, it was a whopping 43 degrees Celsius, a lot more than I had anticipated.

The noisy ventilators issue and our noise test

Another issue claimed to be very serious by many users was that of the noise generated by the console. So we've decided to take a more scientific approach to this problem, and we've used a noise-measuring tool to see just how loud the Xbox 360 really is. We've tried to keep the room as quiet as possible, measured the sound level in the close vicinity of the ventilators (the loudest part of the console) and the result was....65 decibels.

But what does that mean? We've made some research over the Internet, and found out that the 65 decibel value is that usually attained in a normal conversation. Which means that if you happen to whisper, the console might prove to be louder than you. Otherwise, with all the background noise, the Xbox 360 won't seem such a loudmouth as most people consider it to be. In any case, it will be a lot quieter than its predecessor, which was so loud that you couldn't even watch a movie without being seriously disturbed.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 Roundup

What's Cool:

- quality (HD) of the video output;
- computing power;
- ergonomic controller, very easy to use;
- seamless integration of the Xbox Live online service;
- huge line-up of games;
- very sleek exterior look;
- detachable 2.5 inches 20 GB HDD.

What's not so Cool:

- no HDMI or DVI output;
- the oversized power supply;
- very high operating temperature;
- no built-in wireless networking;
- features just 3 USB ports;
- offers more of a "classical" gaming experience.

Conclusions (or should you buy it?)

The answer to this question is a pretty tricky one. If you want a sound gaming console, a computing powerhouse that will allow you to enjoy your favorite games in full HD, then yes, you should really consider getting an Xbox 360. You'll have quite a huge number of game titles to choose from, as well as your own personal Media Center (if you don't have one already). You'll be able to chat with your friends on Xbox Live and compete against them in online tournaments, play music or DVDs, and much more.

HOWEVER, if you're not in such a hurry to get one, I strongly advise you to wait a few months. There are quite a lot of rumors going around regarding the Xbox 360's first major revision, more or less secretly called Zephyr. According to several online sources, the new Xbox 360 will feature a cooler 65nm processor, a 120 GB hard drive and HDMI output, thus making it (probably) close to perfect.

On the other hand, as of last year, the Xbox 360 is no longer alone on the next-gen gaming consoles' market. Sony's Playstation 3 and Nintendo's Wii have also been launched and they really promise to give Microsoft's console a run for its money. You've seen why in the case of the Wii, and I hope I'll be able to do the same for the PS3 as soon as possible, so that you'll be able to compare for yourselves and make the choice that fits you best.

What's inside the box

- the Xbox 360 console with chrome finish;
- the external 20 GB HDD unit;
- 1 wireless controller;
- 1 Xbox Live headset;
- 1 Component HD AV Cable;
- 1 Ethernet cable;
- Optional (in case of special bundles): 1 Xbox 360 Game.

The Wii Gaming Console from Nintendo

Written on Friday, August 01, 2008 by emde

The Wii Gaming Console from Nintendo

Most of you have heard about it. Some of you have seen it first hand. Just a few of you (the luckiest) have even managed to get one for yourselves. Yes, folks, I'm talking about the all new and hot Wii gaming console from Nintendo, a piece of equipment that will surely change the way you experience video-games, and perhaps even the way you see life itself.

Ok, I'm going a bit too far here, but I'll have to tell you right from the start that the Wii is like nothing you've seen before in the area of home-entertainment and video-games, and even though it's quite obviously the least powerful (from the point of view of hardware capabilities) of the three next-generation gaming consoles, it certainly is the most innovative, at least when it comes to gameplay.

And that's because the Wii has completely overhauled the concept of controller. Yes, its hardware specs may....well, suck (and they do, compared to those of the Xbox 360 and the PS3), but the wireless gyroscopic controller fully compensates the lack of processing and graphics horsepower. The Wii Remote (better known as Wiimote) is completely wireless, and provides the console with (more or less) precise information regarding the user's position in space, thus allowing him/her to control the games by both natural gestures and pressing some buttons. But I don't want to get all technical right from the start, so I'll get back to the technology behind this highly innovative control system a bit later, in the more hardware-oriented section of this review. For now, let's start our Wii tour with.....

A little bit of Wii history and statistics: From Revolution to Wii

As most of you probably know already, the Wii is the fifth video game console released by Nintendo in its long history. It's the successor to the Nintendo GameCube (and actually largely based on its predecessor's hardware components), and it was initially codenamed "Revolution", due to the fact that it promised to represent a revolution of the concept of gaming, a promise it actually made good on. However, due to several factors (mostly related to the difficulty of pronouncing the word "revolution" itself), on April 27, 2006, Nintendo announced the console's final name, Wii, a lot shorter and catchier than the initial one. Moreover, according to the company, the name "is simply Wii, not Nintendo Wii", with the official plural forms "Wii Systems" or "Wii Consoles", and one (of the many) explanations of the name is that the two lower-case "i" characters are meant to resemble two people standing side by side, representing players gathering together, as well as to represent the console's controllers.

Personally, I believe that the name is very well chosen, although it's pretty funny. Regardless of what you might think of the console, the name has a little something that makes it stick with you. It's probably the "ii"'s. Anyway, I've promised you some statistics as well, and here we are. According to Wikipedia (which we'll have to trust for this little piece of info), Nintendo sold around 1.135.000 units in Japan in only 1 month (from December 2, the official release date, until January 7), and probably another million or two in the rest of the world, being a lot more successful than another next-gen gaming console launched around the same date, Sony's PlayStation 3.

Enough figures and semantics for you? Well, in that case, let's move on to more serious stuff, namely...

Small form factor and a lot of white: the Wii aesthetics and design features

The Wii

Yes, the first thing that one notices when setting his/her greedy, gaming-hungry eyes upon the Wii is a lot of white. Nintendo has chosen an all-white, iPodish look for its gaming console, which is fine, until you take a closer look at the device. The metallic finishing is not that exquisite (I wouldn't go as far as to call it cheap, but I really expected a bit more from a next-gen console), and the color makes it prone to getting all dirty and dusty, and exactly the same can be said about the controllers (also all-white). However, the console is so tiny (about the size of a large book) and inconspicuous that it probably won't draw the attention, and all the dirt-related issues won't be a problem.

What does pose a bit of the problem, though, is the poor quality of the hinges on the plastic panels that hide the 2 GameCube memory card slots and 4 GameCube controller connectors. While the aforementioned connectivity options are really quite useful, especially for the Nintendo fans who are upgrading from a GameCube to a Wii and want to keep some of the accessories, the fact that the hinges are so flimsy and can be so easily detached (not to say broken) is pretty bothersome, especially if you're not the "overprotective with your gear" type.

Guess I went only through the negative aspects up until now, so it's time to change the tone a bit. A great thing about the Wii is that it features all its main buttons (power, reset, eject) on the front side, as well as a tiny panel which hides 2 very important elements, the SD card slot and the Synch button, but we'll talk about them a little later. A....well, a not-so-great thing about the Wii is that it features 2 USB slots placed on the backside, in a less-than-accessible position, but since there aren't (yet) so many USB accessories for Nintendo's console, I guess we can let this go by and take a closer look to that innovative element the Wii brings to the gaming world, the controller, also knows as....

The Wiimote (+ Nunchuck)

The Wii remote, or Wiimote as it is known in the "gaming slang", is Wii's wireless gaming controller. It's smaller, yet a bit bulkier than an ordinary TV remote, and features 4 main buttons (one of them, the "B", on the backside), as well as a small cross-stick and 3 "secondary" buttons (including here a Power button, for switching on the console from a distance). The overall shape is surprisingly aerodynamic, and fits a normal hand perfectly (though big-handed people might have some serious problems using it). The buttons are placed a bit too far apart, but from what I've seen, that's not really a problem, since the software is quite well-designed and the learning curve for using the Wiimote is quite steep. Actually, I wouldn't even call it a curve, since you kinda get the hang of it almost instantly.

The Wiimote features on its bottom side a proprietary connector used for attaching various possible accessories, out of which the most important is the Nunchuck that features an accelerometer and a traditional analog stick with two trigger buttons, being extremely important in some games (Like Zelda or the "Boxing" section of the Wii Sports package). It also sports a safety strap to be placed around the wrist, which connects trough a very thin wire to the Wiimote, so thin that it's very easy to tear (especially if you're a stronger person).

I guess that was quite enough "design and aesthetics" talk, let's go now to more tangible elements, namely the.......

Wii hardware specifications and Wii remote technology

As promised in the beginning of the article, here's the hardware-oriented section of the review, and I'll start by listing all the hardware and physical specs.

- dimensions: 44 mm x 157 mm x 215.4 mm;
- weight: 1.2 kg;
- CPU: IBM PowerPC based "Broadway" processor, 729 MHz;
- GPU: ATI Hollywood processor, 243 MHz;
- memory: 24MB "main" 1T-SRAM, 64 MB "external" GDDR3 SDRAM, 3 MB GPU texture memory;
- storage memory: 512 MB internal NAND flash;
- 1 x SD memory card slot (up to 2 GB compatibility);
- 2 x USB 2.0 ports;
- 1 x Sensor Bar port;
- 1 x accessory port on the bottom of the Wii Remote;
- 4 x Nintendo GameCube controller ports;
- 2 x Nintendo GameCube memory card ports;
- Mitsumi DWM-W004 WiFi 802.11b wireless module;
- compatible with optional USB 2.0 to Ethernet LAN adaptor;
- up to 480p (PAL/NTSC) or 576i (PAL/SECAM), standard 4:3 and 16:9 anamorphic widescreen;
- video out: component (including Progressive scan), RGB SCART (PAL only), S-Video (NTSC only), composite output, or
- audio: stereo - Dolby Pro Logic II, Wiimote features it's own built-in speaker.

Not quite impressive, is it now? The list of technical specs reminds us a lot of the GameCube (actually, one of my more hardware-wise colleagues called it a "pimped up Gamecube" with a few extra gimmicks). And the most important of those gimmicks is, as mentioned before, the wireless Wiimote, Wii's one-handed controller.

The Wiimote uses a combination of accelerometers and infrared detection (from an array of LEDs inside the Sensor Bar, which is generally placed nearby the TV connected to the Wii) to sense its position in a three-dimensional space. The Sensor Bar actually pulses infrared light, which a camera on the Wiimote then picks up and uses alongside accelerometer measurements to gauge movement, after which the Wiimote sends back the info to the console via Bluetooth. The Wiimote also has some other pretty interesting features, as for example an internal speaker, 4KB of non-volatile memory (for saving various user settings), and something Nintendo proudly calls "force feedback" (actually some vibrations, it doesn't even come close to the PS2 controller force feedback system).

Connectivity is another very interesting aspect of the Wii. As you were able to see for yourselves, Nintendo's console sports a Mitsumi DWM-W004 WiFi 802.11b wireless module that allows the user to connect to the Internet via a WiFi connection and even communicate and connect with other Wii systems through a self-generated wireless LAN, enabling local wireless multiplayer action on different television sets. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Especially if you've got lots of Wii owners around you. Moreover, if you don't happen to have a WiFi network in your area, you can always use an Ethernet-To-USB adapter.

You've seen the tech, now it's time to witness....

Wii Setup

The setup is extremely easy. Just plug-in all the cables where they're supposed to go, place the Sensor Bar in a position where it has a direct line of sight with the Wiimote, and you're good to go. The most "difficult" part of the setup was making our second Wiimote work, when we had to press the two Synch buttons on the console and on the remote.

Wii Interface

Wii's interface is organized in a very interesting and highly intuitive manner, much like a TV set. Thus, its various functions are called "channels", and we've got the Disc Channel, Mii Channel, Photo Channel, Wii Shop Channel, Forecast Channel, News Channel and the Opera-powered Internet Channel. A simple click on the respective channels will activate their functions. Unfortunately, due to certain technical difficulties, we weren't able to test the Wii's Internet capabilities (including the impressive Virtual Console Channel, that allows the users to purchase old Nintendo games and run them on the Wii), at least not for know, so I can tell you only how the Disc Channel, Mii Channel and Photo Channel work.

Thus, the Disc Channel is obviously used for accessing the contents of the disc inserted in the Wii (which can be either a 12cm Wii Optical Disc or a Nintendo GameCube Game Disc). The Photo Channel is used for viewing pictures from an SD card inserted in the Wii's SD slot, or even viewing photos from a Bluetooth-capable handheld device (for example, a cell-phone). The Mii Channel allows users to create their own Wii avatars, or "Miis", which can be later on used in games or even transferred to other Wii consoles via the Wiimote. This is a really cool feature, and it explains the presence of the 4Kb of memory in the remote. All you need to do is get yourself a Wiimote, customize a Mii, and take it everywhere with you.

Wii Gameplay

This is the area where the Wii literally kicks ass, because it literally takes gaming, a traditionally virtual experience, to the real world. The Wiimote works great in "reading" the gamer's movements and transferring them to the TV. It's actually quite an eerie, yet somehow wonderful experience to see how the systems actually respond quite promptly to your commands. I've been able to play "Wii Sports", a suite of games that really demonstrate the wireless capabilities of the Wiimote, "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess", an action/adventure game from the Zelda series (and also one of the main selling points of the Wii), and some mini-games from the Wii Play disc that came with the second Wiimote.

I especially enjoyed Wii Sports (Tennis and Bowling were my favorites by far), exactly for the reasons stated above. The translation of real movements into virtual ones is almost flawless, and one really feels special to be able to play some tennis against a real opponent, in real life, but in front of a TV screen. I worked up quite a sweat while playing some baseball or golf (yeah, I admit it, it's been quite a while since I last visited a gym), and that really makes me think that the Wii could have some pretty healthy effects on gamers (which, as we all know, don't lead the healthiest lives).

However, despite the fact that the Wii is a lot of fun, it could also prove to be quite dangerous in a number of situations. The fact that the player has to move his/her hands quite a lot in the game, while at the same time holding a pretty tough object, makes the Wii a pretty dangerous weapon. There have been some reported cases of people getting hit in the face by their Wii-crazed relatives, or of people who have smashed their TV sets when they've lost the grip on their Wiimote. And I've been able to witness this problem first hand, since my colleagues and I almost turned a friendly tennis game into a blood bath. Fortunately, it was an "almost".

That's why Nintendo is shipping the Wiimote with the adjustable strap I've told you about earlier, even if sometimes the strap itself torn and the controller simply flew away, doing a lot of damage in its path.

Nintendo Wii Roundup

What's Cool: The gaming experience it provides, the very innovative Wiimote + nunchuck control system, the highly intuitive interface. Very good connectivity options, Internet access and browsing capabilities, backwards compatibility with GameCube games and the possibility of playing even earlier games via the Virtual Console. However, in the end, it's the great gameplay and gaming experience it provides that are certainly the most important things the Wii has to offer. For this reason, I'll give it a 94% In.

What's no so Cool: The lack of computing horsepower. The fact that the Wii is not capable of DVD playback (although it will probably do so in a future version). The flimsy strap on the Wiimote (although this issue has already been solved by Nintendo). The unimpressive external look. The lack of a direct Ethernet connection. The possible hazards the players might experience if they're not careful enough. That's the reason why I consider the Wii gaming console from Nintendo to be 6% Out.


The Wii is....well, something else. It provides a new and highly innovative approach to the concept of console gaming, and all with the help of a tiny device called the Wiimote. If it weren't for the Wiimote and the Sensor Bar, the Wii would have been simply a bit more powerful version of the Gamecube, and would have probably winded up just another gaming console in the dusty drawer of failures. However, the control system and the gaming experience the Wii offers have changed all that, and Nintendo's new console has really become a very serious contender in the next-generation console's war. And if you really want it, and you happen to live in Romania, you can pre-order/order the Wii at TNT Games.

What's Inside The Box

- Nintendo Wii console;
- console stand;
- Wii Remote Controller;
- Nunchuck controller;
- sensor bar;
- AC adapter;
- AV cable;
- Wii Sports (Baseball, Tennis, Golf, Bowling & Boxing).

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Here's another wacky umbrella to add to the brolly count. By wacky, we mean Tokyo wacky. So it may be that only the Japanese would appreciate the Pileus WiFi Camera Umbrella which sports a built-in camera, GPS, digital compass, and possibly video-recording in a next iteration. Never mind that all that gadgetry could turn this brolly into an instant lightning rod.

And the Wi-Fi? If you're lucky not to get fried and manage to find a hotspot, you can upload your snaps to Flickr, then very coolly browse the photos on the inner flaps just by "a snap of your wrist". Though, not to be a wet blanket again, curious passers-by probably won't thank you for flicking more rain water on them with that action. Oh, and one more thing: Watch that rain puddle while you're busy showing off.

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Despite the best efforts of many industrious Chinese startups, multifunctional wristwatches are still far from commonplace--whether they provide music, video, phone service, or all of the above. But no market (or device) is too small for the ubiquity of Windows operating systems.

Epoq, which has already had a video watch on the market for some time, has developed what is believed to be the first wristwatch running Windows Mobile 5. Its EGP-WP98B claims to have an OLED touchscreen, 1.28GB of memory, Wi-Fi networking, Bluetooth, VoIP support, and--get this--handwriting recognition. And a faux alligator wristband, of course. But as Mobile Magazine says, it might be a tad difficult to get full use out of Windows on a 1.4-inch display.

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