Eco Button puts your computer to zzz...

Written on Tuesday, November 11, 2008 by emde

Eco Button puts your computer to zzz...

This sounds like something you can already do by clicking the Start button on your Windows desktop and selecting the Standby or Hibernate options. But if you want to impress your Luddite pals, the Eco Button's the way to go. The thingamajig plugs into an available USB port on your PC. Jab the green glowing center and it automatically sends your computer into minimal power mode. Do it again and it brings the PC back on. You can even configure a password lock so your pesky neighbors won't "accidentally" access your computer.

What's more, this can help you save some money. According to online retailer Firebox, a normal user can save up to US$80 a year. That's about US$56 after you factor in the price of the device which costs US$24. Better yet, the Eco Button software has a tracker to help you keep watch on how much energy you've saved while AFK. That's away from keyboard, you noob.

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