Most Expensivest Iphone Apps Available

Most Expensivest Iphone Apps Available

IraPro (899$)
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iRa Pro is a mobile surveillance application for the iPhone or iPod touch that empowers you to increase the on site visibility of your security force without sacrificing situational awareness.

Lexi Complete (299$)
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Lexi-COMPLETE is a complete reference list for all you medical pros out there – the app gives information about medicine, diagnosis procedures, disease management and other things you would hope your doctor would already know. If you see your doctor whipping out his iPhone and scrolling through a list I suggest you get up and run out and find another doctor…

Luminair (99$)
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This app is aimed at the theatre professionals out there. This app allows you to control lighting fixtures and consoles through your iPhone if the lighting desk was just too far away for convenience or the sliders were heavy and you just wanted to slide your finger on your sleek touch screen instead. You aren’t going to be throwing away your lighting desk with the introduction of this app though, so really this is more for those technicians that live to show off.

ForeFlight: Aviation Weather, AF/D and Preflight Intelligence for Pilots (75$)
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✣ Download Manager for keeping your airport directory up-
to-date every 28 days.
✣ Airport facility directory (AF/D) covering 27,000+ airports
in 220+ countries, all saved on your iPhone for reference
from anywhere: in the plane or on the ground.
✣ Completely redesigned airport pages that includes more
information and runway orientation graphics
✣ 1,200+ thumbnail airport diagrams showing FBO locations
✣ A download manager for keeping your airport and image
databases up to date
✣ Detailed flight plan filing email confirmations, flight plan
copy, and flight plan defaults
✣ More weather imagery, including winds aloft charts
✣ 9,000+ Fixed Based Operators
✣ FAA airport diagrams
✣ Approach, departure and instrument procedures
✣ METARs, TAFs and winds aloft
✣ Hundreds of weather images
✣ Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs)
✣ Direct Dial™ to ASOS and AWOS
✣ Flight plan filing and flight plan history
✣ Route and distance finder with initial heading
✣ Aircraft N-Number search
✣ Nearby airports and weather based on your current GPS location

More to come.....
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