The LTK2000 Therapy Station

Written on Thursday, March 13, 2008 by emde

The LTK2000 Therapy Station

Look, smell and listen your way to relaxation. We've come across many devices aimed at helping people relax. Some of them make use of soothing sounds, some employ a combination of LED lights, while others are based on aromatherapy concepts. The LTK2000 Therapy Station, however, aims to soothe all three senses by incorporating a series of relaxing sounds, LED lights and herbal smells. Talk about trying to be everything. That's not all. The Therapy Station also comes with a built-in anion generator, which is said to help purify the surrounding air.

As with other relaxation devices, we remain skeptical about how useful something like this can be, not to mention how effective. But if you are curious to find out for yourself, the LTK2000 Therapy Station is retailing for about 378,000 won (US$391) and is currently on sale only in Korea.

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