Roomba, The Robo Vacum

Written on Thursday, March 13, 2008 by emde

Roomba, The Robo Vacum

We don't know if the (mis)spelling is intentional, but here's the Robo Vacum, a desktop vacuum cleaner for your workspace. Though the picture somewhat suggests it, this cute little thing doesn't maneuver around your table by itself. You press its button found on the head, and move it to where you may have left crumbs from your Subway sandwich.

Not quite a Roomba, but that's all right since you wouldn't want something automated to fall off your table and make a mess on the carpet anyway. It's available from Wowzzers at US$18.99 and should make a cool novelty gift. Our only gripe: It uses two AA batteries and not the USB ports for power.

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